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30 Things I Want to Do This Summer

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Summer has just begun which means warm weather, lots of ice cream and swimming!

Time has flown by so quickly this year so it’s important to make the most of things. I don’t usually like planning my life a lot but this Summer there’s definitely a few things I want to do to make it as memorable as possible.

Here’s a list of the things I’d love to do in the Summer 2016! (The ones in bold are at the top of my to do list!)

  1. Get a henna tattoo
  2. Make lemonade from scratch
  3. Build a sand castle
  4. Visit the Medieval Market in Turku
  5. Go vegan for a week
  6. Visit Stockholm
  7. Dip-dye my hair purple
  8. Go on a road trip
  9. Spend at least one day without any technology
  10. Play messy Twister (aka Twister with paint)
  11. Read at least 2 books
  12. Star gaze
  13. Go paddleboarding
  14. Play tourist in my own hometown
  15. Paint
  16. Spend time with my grandma
  17. Stay in PJs for a day (or two…)
  18. Go glow bowling
  19. Wake up before sunrise
  20. Play miniature golf
  21. Go for a picnic
  22. Have a water fight
  23. Swim – A LOT
  24. Start a bullet journal
  25. Choose a DIY project and attempt to do it
  26. Become better at cooking/baking
  27. Learn some Spanish
  28. Go for an early morning walk 
  29. Visit a farmers market
  30. Learn how to hold your breath longer 

To keep up with all of my adventures in the Summer, make sure you follow me on Snapchat at anuadeliina 😉 (snapcode can also be found in the sidebar)

What’s on your Summer bucket list? Do you have any special plans? A holiday maybe? I’d love to know so tell me in the comments!


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