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18 Facts About Me

facts about me, birthday, 18 facts

It’s my birthdayyyy! Woop woop!

I’m turning 18 today so, just for fun, I thought I’d share 18 random facts about me. I love reading posts like this and I think my birthday is the perfect day to get to know me a bit better – am I right?

Let’s get right into it then!

1. I love dancing and was part of a dance group for five years when I was younger.

2. I’ve never broken a bone!

3. I’m definitely a night owl and can’t sleep during a full moon.

4. If I could, I’d live underwater.

5. I’m the youngest of four sisters.

6. I used to hate coffee but I fell in love with it during my trip in the US last year and now drink it every day!

7. I have three Coton de Tulears (dogs) – Lila, Pomo (means Boss) and Sessa (short for Duchess). Lila and Pomo are actually Sessa’s parents!

8. Even though I love dogs to death dolphins are my favourite animal.

9. I hardly ever wear earrings. If I do, I find them quite annoying and just fiddle with them!

10. I love traveling and the next destination on my travel list is either Stockholm or Spain.

11. I’ve never dyed my hair! I’ve had some highlights done but that’s it. 

12. When there’s a show I really like I will most likely watch all the seasons over four times.

13. I hate wearing black or white clothes because I don’t think they suit me unless I have a tan. 

14. Medical scientist has been my dream job since I was 5!

15. I love books and 90% of the time need to read the book before watching the film. I usually end up liking the book more too.

16. I’m obsessed with the colour blue.

17. My sisters often call me “Puuppa” which doesn’t mean anything but is a word I used a lot when I was little. I think it comes from the Finnish word “tuupata” (push) as I always said it when I was trying to climb on the sofa…. Haha

18. I believe that everything happens for a reason – I wish I could just also know the reason…

I’d love to get to know you a bit better too! Share a random fact about yourself in the comments 🙂


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