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Goals and Wishes for Spring – Did I Achieve Them?

It’s the last day of May which basically means Spring is over and Summer is officially making it’s way into our lives. I don’t know whether to be excited or not because even though I love Summer, I don’t really get on with the hot weather. Unless I’m actually going somewhere on holiday.

Back to my point.

Since Spring is now in its final stages lets see whether I’ve achieved my goals and wishes for this season.


1. Write more lifestyle/personal posts – This is the goal I really wanted to achieve but you know, didn’t. I didn’t seem to have much time to blog as I wanted anyway so that might be part of the reason why. I really hope I’ll be able to achieve this during the Summer!

2. Plan posts more in advance – I did end up planning them – quite a lot actually – but didn’t really go with the plan. Which is kind of the whole point right? Something to also work on during the Summer!

3. Comment more on other blogs – Like I mentioned in my original post I read a lot of blogs but I’m just rubbish when it comes to feedback. I still am but I’ve left lots of more comments even if it’s just “I really liked your post!”. 

4. Continue eating healthy – I think I did pretty well on this actually! Of course there were days when I gave into a craving and ate some chocolate and/or ice cream but I’d say 80% of the time I ate things that are actually healthy.

5. Improve my photography – This is the only one of my goals that I feel like I’ve achieved! I still have so much to learn about photography but it has definitely improved in the past few months. 


1. Try to stress less – I did try to stress less but I don’t think I ended up doing so. I’m one of those people who stress about stress before there’s even stress to stress about. Everything is going to work out eventually so I should just really learn to concentrate on what is happening right now rather than everything else.

2. Find the perfect pair of jeans – Wish granted! I did end up find the perfect pair! Or at least ones that are really close. The ones I ended up going for are the Higher Flex jeans in blue from Bik Bok. The only problem is that they’re quite dark so not that good for Summer. Maybe I’ll find a lighter pair soon!

3. Buy a new bag – Still on the hunt for this one! I can’t seem to find one that I like anywhere… If you have any recommendations please leave them below. Preferably a big one where I can fit my MacBook Pro, has a pocket in the middle and doesn’t cost a fortune.

4. Be happy – Well, you know I wasn’t sad either but I guess I just didn’t do a lot of things that make me happy? Everything kind of seemed to annoy me most of the time… 😀

So that didn’t go as well as I thought now did it? I’m really happy that I did achieve some of them though, it’s a lot better than nothing!

Did you have any goals for this season/month? Did you achieve them?


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