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Empties #4 | Haircare

Four reasons hair powder, sim sensitive dry shampoo, no nothing shampoo, haircare empties

It’s been almost a year since I’ve done an Empties post and I’ve collected so many products I decided to only share a few today, rather than making this post way too long. So keep in mind that there’s definitely going to be another empties post all about makeup/skincare really soon ;). But today we’re talking about haircare products.

Cutrin Colorism Shampoo
I’m going to be very straightforward with this one – it did nothing for my hair. Actually, it did make my hair look shiny like it’s supposed to but as this shampoo is meant for colour treated, normal and fine hair I found it to be too moisturising. That made my hair feel dirty even though it had just been washed. If you really do have colour treated or fine hair, this would probably work well for you. I did get this in a Livbox so I’m not that disappointed.

Would I repurchase? – No, as it doesn’t match my hair type.

No Nothing Very Sensitive Volume Shampoo
Again, I didn’t really notice any major changes in my hair due to volume but this is still a good basic shampoo. I also like the fact that it doesn’t contain any perfume, colorants or parabens. The list on the bottle – no worries, no sleepless nights etc – is also really cute and funny!

Would I repurchase? – No since I have shampoos that make my hair voluminous.

Cutrin Pureism Deep Cleansing Shampoo

This is my absolute favourite deep cleansing shampoo! It works really well and your hair feel perfectly clean afterwards.

Would I repurchase? – Definitely!

Goldwell Ultra Volume Leave-in Boost Spray
When you read about this leave-in spray it sounds so amazing! It’s supposed to give your hair lots of volume and body and you’re able to use it on dry hair. I can safely say that this works really well but it also smells exactly like glue. And I’m not talking about a slight hint here, it actually has a really strong scent of glue.

Even though I’m not usually a huge fan of strong scents, I could work with this one for about two months. Unfortunately after that the scent started to get stronger and the spray seemed to change in formula and make my hair stick together before I washed it. Basically it felt like straight on using really light glue in your hair.

Would I repurchase? – Yes if they’d change the formula and got rid of the scent.

Four Reasons Hair Powder
I’m not quite sure why they decide to name this “hair powder” as it’s basically a dry shampoo. Putting that aside, I absolutely love it! It’s one of my favourite dry shampoos I’ve ever tried. Even though I have dark hair this doesn’t stand out when I use it or make my hair look grey.

Would I repurchase? – Yes!

WWW Professional Infinité Conditioning Styling Mousse
This styling mousse works like any other in the market in my opinion. I don’t really see how it’s conditioning but I don’t have any complaints about it either. It gives my hair volume and helps what even style I’m going for stay in place all day. Apparently this brand doesn’t exist anymore or they’ve changed their name but like I said, you can find a lot of replacements from any hair salon.

Would I repurchase? – Yes if I could still find this somewhere.

Sim Sensitive Refresh Dry Shampoo
This is one of my favourite hair products ever! It’s fragrance free – surprise, surprise – has UV protection and works wonderfully. This does leave a bit of white in my hair but if I brush through it a few times you can’t notice it at all. The bottle is also huge so it last for a long time!

Would I repurchase? – YES!!

What are some of your favourite haircare products? Make sure to check out my other Empties posts if you enjoyed!

I’ve also started to enjoy Snapchat more so if you’d like to see what I get up to behind the scened add me: anuadeliina or find my snapcode on the sidebar!


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