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Tanya Burr Cosmetics Advent Calendar | My Final Thoughts

I know, I know, December is long gone so it feels stupid to even think about Christmas anymore since everyone is probably dreaming about sun, sea and warm weather.

I really wanted to write this post though and tell you my final thoughts of the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Advent Calendar and the products in it. Let’s look at the bright side: at least I’ve had about three months to try out the products which is plenty of time and I have lots to tell!


I love how the calendar looks! It reminds me of a christmassy doll house, very girly and fun. I think some would say it looks a bit childish but I think it’s just really adorable! The products where packed really tightly inside which made it kind of hard to get them out but then again that way they didn’t fall out of their places and break. Also when you opened a door you’d find a quote or tip for the day/product which I thought is really sweet!

Lip Glosses

I really like the formula of these lip glosses. They feel comfortable on the lips and aren’t too sticky. I own a few glosses from the old range – the ones with black text and black top – and I have to say that I liked the formula and scent better before. Now it’s a bit more sticky in my opinion and the scent has gone from fruity/candy to vanilla and for some reason I don’t like the vanilla in these that much. Also I was expecting there to be shades that are more wearable than these. Something like I Found Nemo or Lunch Date.

Candy Frost (pink) – I don’t think I’ll be wearing this lip gloss almost at all. On the lips you can barely notice anything else than bunch of silver, pink and light blue shimmer. Maybe if I’m going to a party or something I can put this on top of a matte lipstick but really this shade just reminds me of those lip glosses you’d buy or get in a makeup kit when you were about 6 years old.

Bewitching (purple) – This is the shade that I find is the most wearable out of the three even though this too has a bit of shimmer but the amount is really minimal. It’s a really gorgeous shade of and as it’s a lip gloss even people who aren’t completely comfortable with the shade can totally pull it off!

Macaroon (peach) – In my opinion this shade just screams Summer to me! That’s why I haven’t been trying this as much. I can definitely see myself wearing this a lot when the weather gets warmer and I start to have a slight tan. This, again, has shimmer in it but in the Summer time I think it can look really nice!

Candy Frost, Bewitching, Macaroon

Eye Shimmer Pots

These shimmer pots are probably my favourite products in the whole calendar! The shades Creme Brulee and Starry Night are really pretty, wearable and quite easy to work with (they’re loose eyeshadows so you know the drill). They basically are like any other loose eyeshadow I’ve tried so I don’t really have anything else to say about these other than I really really like them!

Top – Creme Brulee
Bottom – Starry Night

Nail Polishes

Both of the nail polishes are more on the sheer side and have lots of glitters in them. For some reason Under the Sea (blue) has a really thick consistency so it’s kind of difficult to apply and it dries pretty quickly. Carnival Night (purple) on the other hand is really easy to apply and has the perfect consistency for the type of nail polish it is. I love both of the colours though and the names are so cute!


There was one pair of strip lashes and one pair of individual ones as you can see from the photo above and I literally still have no clue where or when I’m going to use the strip lashes?! They definitely don’t look natural and they’re really bulky which is a really weird way to describe lashes but that’s the only word I can think of. The individual lashes are really nice though as they do look natural and give more volume to your natural lashes.

Nail Files

I don’t really understand what’s the point of putting two nail files in one calendar that are basically identical? Also given the fact that the calendar only had 12 products in it the quality is kind of cheap too. I do like the size since they’re easy to carry around in your handbag or something for when you’re on the go and desperately need a nail file.


I actually really need to get myself a compact mirror and when I saw that the calendar had one I was really happy. When I actually got it out from the calendar I was really disappointed. The quality of the mirror isn’t that good and because compact mirror are small the shape of the mirror makes it really hard to actually see yourself in it. I’m actually thinking about just throwing this away or giving it to someone else since I have no use for it.

Final Verdict

Overall I’d say I was disappointed in the calendar. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tanya Burr Cosmetics but as the calendar cost about 35€ and only had 12 products in it I was waiting for products that are better in quality. I mean yes that’s only about 3€ per product but if I would’ve paid 30€ more I would’ve gotten the Body Shop calendar which has 24 products and all of them are good! The only reason I didn’t get the Body Shop one is because I had it last year and it had pretty much the same products in it this year.

As almost half of the products in this calendar weren’t that great in my opinion (the mirror, nail files, strip lashes, Candy Frost) I think I would’ve rather spent my 35€ on something else. If they bring out an advent calendar this year I hope they put more quality products in it and even up the price a little.

Did you have this calendar? If not, which one did you have, if any?


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