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March Livbox

This month’s Livbox was one of the most exciting ones I’ve received! The products have been chosen by five different bloggers from Finland. I love the Livbox blogger boxes as then I can usually read more about the product on the blogger’s blog. This month the box had two makeup products in it which is really exciting as in the past few months it has been quite skin/body/haircare loaded. I think that all of the products in the box are also suitable for sensitive skin so if that’s something you’re looking for definitely keep on reading!

Dermosil Trio Brow Powders (6,90€/4,5g)
I had never heard of this brand before I got the box! I was really excited to try this as, well, it was the other makeup product in the box. Also it is quite affordable! The palette has two brow powders and a subtle highlighter. The powders are really good quality and even though I usually don’t like drugstore products that come with a brush, the one in this palette is really good. That makes it easy to take the palette with you! The only problem I find with this palette is that the middle shade is a bit too red for me and the right one is too dark. When I mix them together I get the perfect shade though. Overall, I really like this!

Lumene Longwear Blur Powder Foundation (17,90€/10g)
This reminds me a lot of the MAC Studio Fix Powder actually. It leaves your skin looking matte and flawless for a long time. It’s light reflecting and evens out your skin tone really well. The shades are mostly yellow toned which is amazing as it can be hard to find them in the drugstore. I got the shade 1 Classic Beige and it fits my skin perfectly (NC20 in MAC, Ceylan in NARS Sheer Glow). The powder even has SPF 15 – perfect for Spring.

Eucerin Sun Creme Tinted CC Cream for Face in Medium (22,50€/50ml)
This CC cream feels like you’re putting on night cream. It has a thick – kind of mousse – texture but it feels really light on the skin. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the shade though. I applied it to my face with a brush and that left my face looking really red after. In about 5 minutes it looked like the cream had absorbed and the redness had gone down a bit but my face was still really red compared to my neck.

I then applied it on top of my hand with my other hand and it looked fine? Then again, my hands are more red than my face/neck… I definitely need to try this a few more times because it feels so good on my skin I’d love to love it! I think that this would look really good when I’m more tanned.

Cutrin Sensitive Multispray (15,90€/200ml)
When I first read the instruction about this from the note that comes with the box I thought “this is way too good to be true”. This multispray is supposed to add lots of volume, shine and structure to give hold and support to your hair while protecting it from heat. That sounds like a magic product to me.

I’ve been trying it out for about three weeks now and I can safely say: everything is true! No product can do miracles but this spray does everything it claims but in moderation. If you love really voluminous hair like me you’ll need one or two other products but this is perfect if you don’t want to spent that much time with your hair. Just spray this on, style and you’re good to go! You can use this on damp or dry hair and it’s also fragrance-free so everyone should be able to use it.

Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep Night Cream (34,50€/50ml) 3ml sample
This is the only products I haven’t tried yet. My skin has been acting up quite a lot so I didn’t want to try any new skincare products. However I will tell you everything I know. The night cream is a gel-balm meaning it has the consistency of a night cream but it feel as light as a gel. It’s supposed to make your skin feel fresh and smooth. Apparently you can use it no matter how old you are or what your skin type is. I’m always a bit afraid of products that claim to be for all skin types as every skin type is so different. I’ll update you as soon as I know how I get on with this!

Are these brands familiar to you? Which one isn’t?


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