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Goals and Wishes for Spring

Spring is finally making it’s way into our lives and I couldn’t be more happy about it! I love Winter but I really can’t wait until all of the snow is gone and I can finally wear jeans, converse and my trusted faux leather jacket.
As you know, Spring is the time when everything comes back to life so I think it’s the perfect opportunity to set yourself some goals and work on the “new you”. These are my goals and wishes for Spring 2016.


1. Write more lifestyle/personal posts – I love reading lifestyle posts on other blogs and even though I still want to write mostly about beauty I’d love to include more lifestyle (and hopefully fashion) posts in the blog!

2. Plan posts more in advance – I’ve been blogging for about two years now and I’ve always been one of those bloggers who mostly go with the flow and don’t really plan their posts. When I did Blogmas 2015 I planned all of my posts in advance and I really liked it so I’m definitely trying to do that in the future!

3. Comment more on other blogs – I follow quite a lot of blogs and read every single post they publish. I’m just really rubbish at leaving feedback! This Spring I’m trying to comment on every single post I read.

4. Continue eating healthy – In Autumn 2015 I started to cut gluten, dairy and sugar out of my diet and eat more healthy things. It went really well until I got a cold in January which lasted a really long time. Since I was feeling sorry for myself I couldn’t stay away from chocolate which messed up my diet a bit. Now I’ve finally got back on track and hope I can keep it that way!

5. Improve my photography – For the longest time I wasn’t that excited about taking photos as I really didn’t enjoy the camera I was using. Now I finally have my own DSLR and hope that I can improve my photography as I’m finally excited about it again!


1. Try to stress less – This is really self-explanatory but in the first months of 2016 I’ve been a lot more stressed than normal for no apparent reason. Even the little things have put me on the edge. That’s why I’m really hoping I get past that in the Spring time so that I can enjoy things more again.

2. Find the perfect pair of jeans – I currently have two pairs of jeans, the other pair doesn’t really fit me right and the other ones are more of like jeggings. Currently I have my eyes on these ones from BikBok.

3. Buy a new bag – My handbag has gotten way too small for all the things that I want to carry arround with me so I’m planning on getting a bigger bag. I’ve been lusting after something like the Sevina Tote from Ted Baker or Savannah Large Saffiano Leather Satchel from Michael Kors but I’m still thinking wether I should actually put that much money on a bag or get a cheaper one with the same measurements first.

4. Be happy – Even though this could’ve as well been in my goals section, I don’t think being happy is something that you can set as a goal since it’s not something you can really affect yourself. I can however try to do things that make me happy and stay away from all things negative!

P.S. I hope all of you have a lovely Easter weekend! I’ll see you next week 😉

Have you set yourself any goals for Spring?


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