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ASOS Wishlist | (Slogan) T-Shirt Edition

Hello everyone, I hope you’re well!

First of all, I’d like to thank all of you for sticking around even though there has been no activity on the blog or my social media whatsoever. If you read my update post back in January you’d know that I had been sick for a looong time and suddenly there were so many other personal things happening that I simply didn’t have any time – or energy – to write.

However, now I’m finally back! And will (hopefully) get back into writing and posting asap! Just a quick warning (?)… There will be a few posts that should have been posted preferably at the beginning of January but as they’re posts I really want to do, I’m going to publish them anyway. Hope you don’t mind 😉

Okay, I’m just gonna say it: IT’S MARCH ALREADY?! I thought the year just started… Hmh… Anyway… Every time the days start getting longer again and Spring shows it’s first signs, I get the feeling that I want to throw almost every single item out of my wardrobe and replace all of them with new ones. Just me?

This time the piece of clothing I’ve been particularly keen on is t-shirts. I’ve made a wishlist of all of my favourites that I spotted on ASOS!

Image Map

ASOS I Made the Squad T-Shirt

Adolescent Boyfriend T-shirt “Fashionable”

ASOS T-Shirt “Berry Special”

J.D.Y XOXO Print T-shirt

ASOS Tall Spot Shirt

ASOS Tall “Single” Shirt

ASOS Stripe T-Shirt “Maybe”

ASOS Oversized Grey Spot Shirt

ASOS The Easy T-Shirt in Stripe

Daisy Street T-Shirt with Heart Embroidery

J.D.Y High Neck Striped Top

One Day Tall “Eat Sleep Repeat” Shirt

Do you feel like getting a whole new wardrobe for SS16?


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