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BLOGMAS DAY 21 | Top 10 Christmas Films

Only 4 sleeps and it’ll be Christmas! I’m so excited but on the other hand it doesn’t feel a lot like Christmas to me. I can’t remember a Christmas when there wasn’t snow in Finland but this year it seems like it’s only going to rain and that makes me kind of sad…

To lift my Christmas Spirit I watched a few Christmas films last weekend and decided to share my favourites with you! 🙂

The Santa Clause

I’ve mentioned this movie being my favourite Christmas film for a few times in my blog before (Winterlicious Tag, Christmas Tag) and I still think so. It’s really funny, it’s suited for everyone and I could watch it a billion times.

Home Alone
This is a classic and everyone loves it! I’ve read a few “Favourite Christmas Films” posts this December and 90% have mentioned this film. It’s also one of those films that’s always shown on TV at this time of the year as it’s so popular.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
If I’m being honest with you, when I was little (under 12) I was so scared of this film. I just didn’t like it at all. Now that I’m older though and understand how funny the Grinch is, I love it! Even though this has been around since I was 2 years old and I’ve watched it so many times, (even when I was afraid of it :D) I definitely need to watch it again this year!

I watched this for the first time this weekend and I thought it would be a lot different than it was! I still loved it and I think Will Ferrell is an amazing actor and plays the role amazingly.

The Holiday
This is film is definitely in my top 3! The actors are amazing – especially Jude Law like oh my god I love him and it’s just overall an amazing movie.

Christmas Carol
I love the story behind Christmas Carol. It could be any version of it and I’d still love it. It’s great that there’s so many versions of it which still tell the same story as some are better for children and some better for adults.

Frozen is not exactly a Christmas film but I still love watching it at this time of the year.

Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas
This was definitely my favourite Christmas film when I was little! It has a few different Christmas related stories and they all have a lesson. I’m still a toddler at heart and love Disney so this film is gonna be watched during Christmas time.

The Polar Express
Another film I saw the first time last weekend. Love it! It’s not as happy as I thought until the end though.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Harry Potter isn’t a Christmas film either but I love to watch the first one during Christmas. HP is still my favourite movie series and the first one seems really warm and christmassy to me so I just love it at any time of the year!

What’s your favourite Christmas film to watch?


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