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BLOGMAS DAY 22 | Things I’ll Be Doing This Christmas

I’ve stated this about a billion times in this month but I’m so excited for Christmas! Even though it doesn’t feel the same without snow to my surprise I’m still as excited as usual. I’ve listed some of the things I’ll most likely be doing this Christmas so I hope you enjoy and it gets you into the Christmas spirit! Comment below if you see anything you’d do ;D

This Christmas I’ll be…
• Eating all of my grandma’s made rutabaga casseroles (traditional Finnish Christmas food) before anyone else can say Christmas.

• Singing Christmas Carols so loud no one will hear anything in 2016.

• Having a mental breakdown of not having any snow.

• Consuming so much chocolate someone is going to ask what’s the brown lipstick I’m wearing.

• Dancing like a crazy person to no music at all.

• Regretting the fact I decided to wear jeans as they simply do not stretch (mental note: wear a flowy dress)

• Spending my whole Christmas Day morning wrapping presents that have been forgotten in the corner of my room since January…

• Drinking 5 hot chocolates a day, each the size of a Starbucks Venti cup.

• Falling asleep in a bathtub filled with all of the Lush products I got (which could be no products at alll… :D)

• Acting like a five year old through Christmas and all the way up till the end of 2015

• Watching every single Christmas film while eating even more food…

Are you excited for Christmas?


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