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BLOGMAS DAY 20 | NOTW: Golden Confetti

Hi all, how are you? Sorry for not posting for last two days even though I’m supposed to be doing Blogmas… I’ve had the worst cold and decided to take a few days off! But now let’s get on with the post, shall we?

Since it’s not exactly Christmas yet I’ve been loving having these festive but not so festive nails. The shade Miss Fancy Pants from Essie is one of my favourite nail polishes to wear (if you’d like to see more of my faves check out my nail polish collection). It’s a shade you can wear all around the year and I think it would look great on most skin tones. I’d describe it as a nude grey with brown undertones if that makes any sense!

When painting one of my nails with the BarryM Aquarium Collection: Treasure Chest nail polish it makes my nails a little bit more festive. Even though the Essie polish is more on the cooler side I think gold still looks good with it. Also for me gold is more of a festive/christmassy shade so I wanted to use that instead of silver. 

I love this nail look and I’ll definitely be wearing this until I feel a bit more festive and want to change my nails to red!

What’s your favourite “not so festive” nail look?


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