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BLOGMAS DAY 8 | My Favourite High End Foundation

I didn’t post anything yesterday as I was at a concert with my family and just wanted to relax for the day. I also didn’t have the time to schedule anything during the weekend so here’s the result :D. I do have many ideas coming up so I hope you’re all enjoying Blogmas! 🙂

When it comes to makeup, matching foundation has always been my worst nightmare. In general I’m a very yellow toned person but my face has redness and is lighter than the rest of my body. That’s why I usually need a light-medium shade that’s really yellow which can be really hard to find especially from the drugstore (you can read all about my favourite drugstore foundation here)

Anyway, today I’m going to tell you all about my perfect foundation match from the high end side. It’s the infamous NARS Sheer Glow in the shade Light 6 Ceylan. NARS foundations are very yellow toned in general so they’re perfect for people who need to find a yellow foundation.

I did have a slight problem when finding the right shade of this foundation. I got matched to the shade Light 5 Fiji at Sephora while I was in the US but noticed that it’s too dark for me when I was back in Finland. I then ordered two different shades from narscosmetics.eu since we don’t have NARS here and I really liked the foundation. I ended up getting the shades Gobi and Ceylan and fortunately Ceylan is perfect for me!

As you can see from the image above Ceylan is supposed to be darker than Fiji but it really isn’t. It even states on the website that both Gobi and Fiji are “light with yellow undertones” but Ceylan is “medium with yellow undertones”. The pictures on the website are quite true to themselves though, so if you feel like a shade would be a good match for you, just listen to your instinct and ask for a sample of the shade you want. Of course you should try a few shades before making a purchase but I’m just saying that usually you know your own skin better than anyone else. I find that the colour does not oxidise so finding the right one should be quite simple.

The one thing that’s quite misleading in the name of this foundation is the fact that it isn’t sheer. Well, you can make it sheer if you use very little product and a damp Beauty Blender but I get a good medium coverage when using this foundation. You can also build it up for a move full coverage if that’s what you prefer. The foundation blends easily and leaves a lovely satin finish on the skin (bare in mind that I have dry skin so I think it would definitely look more dewy on oilier skin). It doesn’t have any sunscreen in it so it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin and it photographs really well!

Overall I think this is an amazing foundation especially for anyone with drier skin. I do know that many people with oily skin love this foundation but have to use mattifying primer and powder with it where as I don’t wear any primer and only set it with setting spray.

What’s your favourite high end foundation?


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