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BLOGMAS DAY 23 | My Current Favourite Blogs

I’m a blogger – as you probably noticed the second you arrived in my little space of the internet 😀 – and as a blogger I love to read other blogs and get to know to other bloggers! I’ve been reading blogs ever since I was about 10 years old (mostly food blogs back then though…) so 7 years now. Well that’s a long time…

Anyhow, through all that time (well actually in the past two years) I’ve found blogs that I’ve grown to love and always go back to. So here’s my TOP 6 blogs I’m currently loving!

Life in Excess | Kirsty
Kirsty is an amazing writer! She could write a blog post of a potato that I’d normally have no interested in other than eating it but I’d still want to read the post and enjoy it. Her photos are absolutely beautiful and creative and I love the fact that she has a variety of topics in her blog instead of just one. Kirsty’s blog is literally goals! *heart eyes emoji*

Mummy’s Beauty Corner | Dagmara
In Dagmara’s blog you can find lots of makeup reviews and other beauty related posts with an occasional fashion/lifestyle post. Her reviews are really informative, have lots of photos which I found very helpful and there’s always a swatch of the product(s). If I ever need to know about a product, Mummy’s Beauty Corner is my first place to look at!

Lack of Colour | Milla
Milla is the only blogger on my favourites who writes only in Finnish but she’s a fashion blogger so even if you don’t speak Finnish, you definitely need to check out her posts! Milla has an amazing fashion sense and her outfits always include clothes that are affordable so her readers can easily get their hands on the product. She also writes amazing DIY instruction which you can follow by just looking at the photos ;).

Aisling’s Beauty Bytes | Aisling
Even if you don’t like beauty and reading beauty blogs you shouldn’t be misled by the name of Aisling’s blog. She now writes mostly lifestyle posts which are helpful and always make me smile! I love the way she writes as it makes me feel as I’m actually talking with her rather than reading a text she wrote.

Pinja K | Pinja

Pinja has a variety of topics on her blog like Kirsty which I think is great. Her photography skills are amazing and I sometimes just go through her posts just to look at the photos! She has an amazing fashion sense and all of her posts are really interesting. Also she writes every post in two languages (English and Finnish) which makes me have even more respect for her as it takes time to translate everything. Plus just look at her hair! It’s soooo long and makes me super jealous! Haha x 

Which blogs are you loving at the moment?


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