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BLOGMAS DAY 3 | Lush Has Frozen

Everyone has seen or heard about the award-winning Disney film called Frozen that blew up the world at the end of 2013. Ever since Frozen has been seen in different items like mugs, pyjamas, notebooks, advent calendars, the list goes on and on. Most of these products are of course aimed for children but this Autumn Lush came out with a Frozen themed product anyone can enjoy. That would be the bath bomb called Frozen (duh).

The Frozen bath bomb looks like it could be straight from the movie. It reminds me so much of the light blue dress Elsa creates for herself while she sings Let It Go. The middle blue part starts diffusing quickly and eventually the bath bomb breaks in half as the white parts take longer.

Once the whole bath bomb has dissolved the bath has turned into a gorgeous shade of darkish blue with silver glitter. My bathroom is also filled with an amazing scent of grapefruits and roses. The scent is really fresh and well, cool. There’s no other way to explain it! Even though it does have glitter in it – and a lot of it I might add – it doesn’t stick to your skin so you don’t end up looking like a disco ball once you get out of the bath.

Overall I think this is a gorgeous bath bomb which smells amazing so I’ll definitely buy this again as long as I can!

Have you tried this bath bomb?


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