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BLOGMAS DAY 4 | Christmas Wishlist: Fashion

Hello all, I hope December has treated you well so far!

Today I’m going to finally share one of my Christmas Wishlists. I thought it would be so much easier to write three posts instead of one super long no one would ever want to read :D.
So if you’re interested in seeing my fashion wishlist for Christmas keep on reading! And remember to check out my other Blogmas posts :).

1. Ted Baker Luggage – I’m one of those people who like to travel in style and look good even though I have an 8 hour long flight a head of me. Also Ted Baker is my favourite designer brand and those bags are just gorgeous!

2. Hunter Wellington Boots – I think Hunter boots are so much better looking than other wellington boots so they’re so much easier to pair with jeans etc and your outfit is still on point.

    • Women’s Original Refined Back Strap Wellington Boots

3. Ted Baker Bag – Like I already said, Ted Baker is my favourite designer brand so a bag from their collection would be amazing.

    • Bonnita Bow Detail Shopper Bag

4. Daniel Wellington Watch – This particular watch looks like it’s made for me. I’m really fussy with watches as it’s an accessory that has to go with almost everything.

    • Classic Bristol 36mm Silver

5. Jawbreaking shirts – I love everything from Jawbreaking! Their slogans define me 😀

    • Blogging > Jogging

    • Aka Princess

6. Dresses – I’d wear dresses all the time if I could! As soon as I saw Lydia from LucyAndLydia wear this particular one, I knew I had to have it. 

    • Warehouse Embroidered Gypsy Smock Dress

7. Winter Boots – I have just know noticed that I don’t seem to have any cute ones so these would be really appreciated!

8. Slogan Shirts – Who doesn’t love slogan shirts?! This is the one Jaclyn Hill was wearing in one of her Instagram photos and I think it’s perfect for makeup lovers!

    • Mascara Nobody Said It Was Easy

9. Plaid Shirts – So comfy and easy to pair with jeans! Need about ten of these!!!

10. Cape – I’ve been looking for a cape for such a long time now and never found one that’s long enough and doesn’t cost 500€. 


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