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My Nail Polish Collection

I have the feeling that Autumn doesn’t like me that much… For almost the past two weeks I’ve had the pleasure to be ill – again. Even though it’s nice to just lay in bed and do nothing, eventually you just get sick of that… So instead I decided to do something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time and that doesn’t need a lot of brain action: organise my nail polishes!

Then I got the idea of photographing them and writing a post. See, this post is not only helpful for you. Whenever I go nail polish shopping, I can come back and see what nail polishes I already own so I don’t buy too many similar ones.

I’ll put a ♡ next to my absolute favourites so if you want to know which nail polishes I like to use the most, just keep on reading!

 My #1 Nail Polish Brand: Essie

Left to right: 

  • Naughty Nautical – turquoise with silver tiny silver sparkles running through
  • Who Is the Boss – very light greyish mint green 
  • Miss Fancy Pants – greyish brown 
  • Double Breasted Jacket – pinkish red 
  • Off the Shoulder – hot pink
  • Love Every Minute – pink
  • Resort Fling – light peachy orange
  • A Crewed Interest – very light peach
  • Sugar Daddy – sheer baby pink

 My #2 Nail Polish Brand: Rimmel

Left to right:

  • Midnight Rendezvous – bluetoned purple
  • Azure – metallic blue with light shimmer
  • Raw as Night – the perfect red 
  • Hot Chick – pinkish red 
  • High Energy – mix of red and orange 
  • Orange Your Life – light orange with coral 
  • You’re a Cracker – orange

 My #3 Nail Polish Brand: Depend

Left to right:

  • 104 – dark grey with shimmer
  • 163 – slightly metallic purple
  • 005 – mix of fuchsia and burgundy (see in action here
  • 223 – silver (see in action here)
  • 042 – light gold 

Other brands I love

Left to right:

  • Tanya Burr: New York Night – very dark, almost black, purple
  • Tanya Burr: Mini Marshmallows – very light and sheer coral
  • The Body Shop: Relish the Moment – orangey red 
  • Make Up Store: Young (I think?!) – light blue with a hint of grey 
  • Kone Helsinki: DC03 – metallic mix of copper, purple, pink and blue
  • IsaDora: Metal Mystery – copper 
  • H&M: Lollipop Lullaby – light purple 
  • Kubiss London: 46 – pink coral with shimmer

 Glittery nail polishes and top coats #1

Left to right:

  • Maybelline Color Show: Shooting Stars – dark blue with different sized silver glitters
  • Maybelline Color Show: Wine Shimmer – burgundy with silver and pink shimmer 
  • Flormar: U18 – purple with multicoloured shimmer
  • BarryM Aquarium Collection: Mediterranean – shimmery metallic pink/gold 
  • BarryM Aquarium Collection: Treasure Chest – clear polish with gold pieces 
  • Lumene Natural Code: Sparkle Burst – clear polish with light pink shimmer & glitter (see in action here)

 Glittery nail polishes and top coats #2

Left to right:

  • Depend: 045 – shimmery gold 
  • Depend: 335 – clear coat with silver glitter & shimmer
  • Depend: 106 – shimmery silver
  • Kiko: 162 – silver with shimmer
  • Essie: All in one base – gel-like base & top coat
  • Urban Outfitters: Matte top coat – makes any nail polish matte 
  • Tiger: 12 – clear coat (I use it as top coat) 

 Nail polishes I’ve never used and will give away

Left to right:

  • Yes Love: 19 – very sheer blue
  • Wild & Mild: Yello Mania – sheer yellow
  • Kone Helsinki: U20 – light pink with shimmer 
  • Rimmel: Get it While it’s Hot – light brown with pink

 Nail polishes I no longer use and will give away

Left to right + reasons why I’m giving away:

  • Maybelline: Bubblicious – muted hot pink (I own too many similar shades) 
  • Depend: 244 – light coral (too light for my liking)
  • Depend: 132 – turquoise with lots of silver shimmer (used way too much at some point :D)
  • Depend: 24* – grey blue (not keen on the shade anymore)
  • Depend: 03* – top coat (prefer the Tiger one)
  • Rimmel: Sky High – sea blue (love everything about it, just don’t use it anymore…) 

What’s your favourite nail polish brand?


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