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That Dress

Everyone has that one outfit or piece of clothing that makes them feel good about themselves. I tend to mostly wear dresses because I feel the most confident yet comfortable in them.

At the beginning of Summer I went to see my sister and we did a bit of shopping. I found this dress on sale for 7€ and the last one was my size! Usually when I go sale shopping I can’t find anything in my size anymore, but I guess that time I was lucky.

This dress is from a shop called New Yorker and the brand is FB Sister. Ever since I bought it I’ve found myself constantly wearing it.

In my opinion you can wear it all year around paired with different accessories. You can’t wear it if it’s boiling hot though since it’s black/very dark brown and the material is kind of funny.

The first thing that caught my eye was – of course – the pattern on it. Everyone loves lipsticks and I think this dress is a fun way of showing it :D. As you can see from the photos it also has tiny unfilled hearts on it.

It’s a skater shaped dress which only makes me love it even more as it looks great on my body shape and you don’t have to worry if you eat a little too much while wearing it. 😀

This definitely has been one of my best purchases as I’ve already worn it about a billion times. It’s definitely one of my favourite dresses/clothes I own.

What’s that one outfit that makes you feel good about yourself?

– Anu

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