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Christmas at Lush

A few weeks ago I had the honour to attend the Finnish Lush Christmas blogger event! It was my first blogger event ever and it was such a great experience. There was 11 other bloggers and two workers from Lush who told us all about the new and exciting Christmas products. We also got to enjoy some lovely drinks and healthy crisps from Ruohonjuuri which is basically a Finnish health and superfood kinda store. 

But you didn’t open this post to read about healthy snacks now didn’t you? So let’s dive right into all things Lush and Christmas!

The event was held in Lush Helsinki’s party room!

All the new lovely Christmas soaps!

(Which I now own way too many, heh, oops…)

Fun, fun, fun…

These new shower jelly’s are so cool! In love with Nightwing 😉

Anyone who love Snow Fairy needs to get the Fairy Dust!

Below you can see it in “action”. The scent is divine!

Bath. Heaven!!!

Christingle is one of the most best smelling body conditioners ever, so fresh!

Little preview of Yoga Bomb 

And next up is Intergalactic!

After all the bath bombs had dissolved we got to stick our hands into the warm colourful water, then scrub and moisturise them. Best hand treatment ever! So remember, even if you don’t have a bath tub, you can still enjoy using Lush bath bombs by even just letting your hands or feet soak in the colourful sea of sparkle ;).

LOOK AT ALL THE GLITTER *heart eyes emoji*!!!!

Christmas is coming! 

Hopefully this post has helped you to embrace your inner Christmas spirit! 😉


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