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New Start

Some of you might have already noticed that my banner looks more than slightly different. When I started blogging I really didn’t think about the name a lot as I really couldn’t come up with anything great and just wanted to start posting. I knew from the start that at some point I’d want to change the name of my blog to something else but none of my ideas felt right.

For about 4 months ago I started playing with “Based On”. At first I thought about changing the name to “Based On Anu” but I didn’t like it. “Based On Beauty” didn’t sound good to me either. When I decided to leave the last part blank I noticed how good just “Based On” sounded in my head.
I asked from myself so many times if it sounds silly or does it really have any meaning, but then again I love it and it’s my blog. I do hope that all of you like this change too as it’s really important to me :).

I’m not sure if I know how to explain what the name means to me but I’ll try :D. It kind of has a hidden beauty related meaning. Like I’ve based my face, does that make sense? As in I’ve put on foundation, powder etc? That’s what I thought about when I chose the name and it makes sense to me :).

I also have a new URL which is https://www.basedonblog.com or just without the www. You can still come to blog through http://mylifeasanu.blogspot.com and it redirects you to my new URL :).

I hope you all love my blog’s new name as much as I do! Please leave your thoughts on it in the comments if you like :).

Thank you so much for your support<3

– Anu

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