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Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb

I’ve always wanted a bath tub and finally got one at the beginning of Summer. It has literally changed my life! Even though I like taking long warm showers there’s just something a lot more relaxing in a long bath (plus you save a lot of water – or I do at least…).

Of course ever since I’ve had a bath tub I’ve fallen even more in love with Lush products. This time I decided to try a bath bomb called Big Blue (find it here: FI, UK, US). As you can see it’s mostly blue like the name states and it says “Lush” on top.

It diffuses pretty quickly and turn your bath water into a “see through” looking sea water with seaweed in it. The scent is really tropical and I could catch some lemon in it. Even though it does has lavender oil in it, I didn’t notice it at all so you can still use this even if your not a huge fan of it.

This definitely makes you feel like a mermaid or like you’re in a place where you can smell the ocean. The seaweed makes your bath look really fun and even more like sea. You can use the seaweed to gently exfoliate your skin if you can catch it. I think they should make the pieces a bit larger so it would be easier to catch and clean your tub afterwards.

Overall I think this is an amazing bath bomb especially if you’re looking for something with a really fresh scent. This is great for those who are missing Summer or just want to make themselves think that they’re on a holiday in a place like Hawaii maybe :).

Have you tried this bath bomb before?

– Anu

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