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Colourful Day

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you probably know that two weeks ago I attended a colour run with my best friend, my sister and her boyfriend. We had such a great time and there was so many people there! Hopefully I can go again next year.

Basically it’s a 5km path and you get this coloured powder thrown at you. During your run (or walk) you have to go over or under different obstacles and usually after you’ve completed it, they throw the powder at you. At every obstacle the powder is a different colour so at the end of the run, you look really colourful! If you don’t want to ruin your own clothes (the colour does come off) you get a white t-shirt before the run starts.

Before the run…

After the run…

My crazy sister Renata 😀

 My best friend’s legs looked like she had colourful veins and her hair was so colourful! I was so jealous of her blonde hair!

At the end of the run everyone got a medal that says COR which stands for “Color Obstacle Rush”. If you ever have a change, you should definitely attend a colour run! We had such a blast!

Have you ever been in an event like this?

– Anu

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