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Instagram in July

I really need to up my blogging game! I’ve been so busy since August started and just haven’t had the time to sit down and write a post so it would sound anywhere near reasonable. 

Now I’ve finally found the time to write as it’s almost 3am and I can’t sleep as four little ones keep making very high-pitched noises next to me. If you’d like to know more about that and why I haven’t really had the time to write just wait for my next post that will be up in a few days!

But for now let’s talk about Instagram shall we? I’ve always loved it, scrolling down my feed and looking at the gorgeous pictures other people keep posting. Last month though I wanted to start using it more and post more pictures I like and I really enjoy my feed in July!
So here’s my Instagram (anuadeliina) in July :). 

What’s your favourite Instagram account?

– Anu

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