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Sample Surfing | Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

I thought I’d start a new series and as you can tell from the title, it’s all about samples. All of you probably know that these posts are basically going to be like reviews but on some of them I haven’t been able to test the product more than once or twice.
Now let’s get on with the post!

I received this 55ml sample of the Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash in May’s Livbox (post here). It’s supposed to be a very moisturising body wash that leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother just after one use. It has a new fresh but subtle scent to it which I absolutely love!

I didn’t have a lot of expectations with this body wash as it’s really cheap, 2.45€/250ml, and I really haven’t had much luck with products from Dove before. I still began my trial with an open mind. When first applied this body wash creates a very thin foam which feels very soft against your skin. After a couple of tries I did notice that my skin felt softer and smoother as promised.

However, after using this about a week I noticed that it only dried my skin more. I continued to use it anyway but after almost three weeks of use I gave up as it still continued to dry my skin.

Even though this product wasn’t a success for me I still suggest you give this a go – especially if you can find a sample version – because if it hadn’t dried my skin, I’d be in the store right now buying a full sized bottle.

What’s your favourite body wash?

– Anu

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