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Weekend Getaway

Exactly two weeks ago I went on a little weekend getaway with my best friend Sonja, her mom and her mom’s friend. We booked a cruise from Turku to Stockholm which lasted about 22 hours (we spent the whole time in the ship) and we had a blast! Here are some pictures from the trip!

Before I even left the house and had about 20 minutes before I really had to go my sister Riikka came to my room and told me that I had to come and taste this cake she had made. It wasn’t even a special day or anything – oh that girl, haha. It was delicious though!

I really didn’t take that much pictures on Saturday as we left at 9pm from Turku so it was pretty late already but I fell in love with these lamps that went up and down and changed colour. Apparently I get excited about small things.

 photo output_MsD2Dk_zpsqm3pazpd.gif

This was my first cruise ever but apparently it’s a must to go to a club and Sonja’s mom even got us these special alcohol free drinks. Funny story, under 18 year olds weren’t actually allowed to go to the club after 11pm but we didn’t know that so we casually spent our evening night from 12 to about 4am dancing and had a blast!

Next morning after we ate a bit and before we went to shops I took some pictures of the sea and actually sat by the window for so long Sonja had to drag me away, haha. The sea just is so calming.

To Anu

Sonja’s mom and her friend were kind enough to get me and Sonja Redrama’s autographs as we had lunch reservations and couldn’t go by ourselves… We did get to see him walking around the ship just before the signing and then later that day at his gig. He sings in English and if you haven’t already you have to listen to his most popular song Clouds featuring A.J. McLean.

The food was so delicious! I actually tried lamb for the first time and really liked it!

Some more drinks before arriving back to Turku.

And of course I did some cheeky little purchases! It’s funny how both of them are fragrances as I don’t really use them but both of these smelled so good and the bottles are super pretty. I did kind of buy the body mist just because I wanted the VS bag, haha. It’s so annoying how the only VS we have in Finland is on a ship so you actually have to buy a trip to somewhere if you want to go to Victoria’s Secret… Again the many problems of being Finnish, haha.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!

– Anu

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