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Unboxing | Livbox April Edition

This months theme was “Get ready for early Summer parties”. All the products fit with it very well and the box looked so Spring-like with it’s light pink ribbon and paper.

Lumene Lab Hydrasmooth 24h Cream (18,90€/40ml) – This cream is for someone who wants immediate and long lasting hydration. It’s supposed to be suitable for women of all ages and for sensitive skin. You can choose the cream for either dry/normal or normal/combination skin. It contains blackcurrant which makes the cream smells really good and helps strengthen the skin. It absorbs quickly and feels very light on the skin.

Dove Talc Soft (2,50€/50lm) – This anti-perspirant is supposed keep you soft and dry for 48h and offer you a subtle and feminine scent which is called warm talc. I’ve been using it for about a week now and I’m loving it so far!

Essie Sugar Daddy Nail Polish (13,90€/13,5ml) 5ml sample – This shade is the most perfect light pink I’ve ever seen and it’s perfect for Spring/Summer time. The lighting makes it look a lot more orangey in the picture than it is as it’s actually the exact same colour as the lid of the anti-perspirant.

Ibero Makeup Sponges with holder – These were a gift from Ibero that came with the box. It has 6 makeup sponges with I’m probably going to use for nail art as I’m too hooked with my Beauty Blender to use normal makeup sponges, haha.

rfsu Intim Shaving Gel (5,60€/200ml) 20ml sample – I bought both of these at the I love me 2014 event last Autumn and I still have lots of the products left. This shaving gel is really good as it doesn’t create any foam so you can see where you shave. It contains nurturing herbs and leaves your skin very smooth.

rfsu Intim After Shave (5,90€/50ml) 10ml sample – If your skin gets irritated easily after shaving, this after shave helps reduce any redness and calms your skin very quickly. It absorbs in about a minute and very gentle on the skin.

Have you prepared yourdelf for early Summer parties? 😉

– Anu

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