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High End Beauty Help Needed

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well :).

As some of you may now, I will be going to the US at the end of next week (squeals excitedly) and of course I will be buying lots of new beauty things – lets pray for my credit card, haha.
However as I live in Finland we don’t have half of the high end beauty brands that you have in the US and the UK. That’s why I’d really appreciate it if you’d like to tell me which high end products you think are “the must”.

We do have high end brands in Finland but most of them are brands that sell other things than makeup if that makes sense. Like Chanel, YSL, Estee Lauder etc. If you have time in your hands or just really want to help a fellow beauty enthusiast out then here’s a list of all the high end beauty brands we have. The website is in Finnish but as it’s just a list of names I think you’ll be fine ;).

Some brands that I’m extremely excited about are NARS, Benefit, Too Faced, Tarte and Urban Decay so if you’ve some recommendations from these brands then just get listing!

So basically if you’ve a little bit of time just list a couple of your favourite high end products in the comments and you’ll make me extremely happy and grateful. Also feel free to link any high end starter kit posts or any posts that you think would help me decide which products to get and make my list even a little bit shorter!

Thank you so much in advance if you had the time help me!

– Anu

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