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Extremely Affordable Makeup Brush Set

I was looking for new makeup brushes at the beginning of this year as I don’t have that many yet and even though brands like Zoeva are amazing in quality and very affordable I was looking for something even a bit more cheap. I then saw Amy Macedo’s video on Jessup brushes and thought I’d try them out. You can get these brushes from Ebay or Aliexpress and I got the whole brush set for £11.02 with free shipping which is absolutely insane as it has 15 brushes. At first I thought that they are way good to be true but I thought I’d try them anyway, ordered them and fell in love.

Large Powder, Tapered Face

The Large Powder brush has completely replaced my Real Techniques Powder brush. They’re very similar in size but I find this Jessup brush a bit softer and it presses my powder better into my foundation keeping it in place longer.
I’ve been loving the Tapered Face for bronzing my face. It’s again very similar with the RT Blush brush most of us are familiar with but it’s a little bit smaller. It picks up just the right amount of product.

Powder/Blush, Duo Fibre Powder/Blush

This Powder/Blush brush is perfect for blush if your cheekbones are a bit on the smaller side or if you like using smaller blush brushes. Personally I like to carry it around so I can add some powder if my face gets a bit shiny throughout the day.
I haven’t used the Duo Fibre Powder/Blush brush for any other product than bronzer as I find it perfect for contouring. It fits right into the hollows of my cheekbones and doesn’t pick up too much product.

Large Fluff, Large Concealer, Large Concealer

The Large Fluff brush is a brush that I haven’t really used but I find it really good for concealer. Personally I like to use my Beauty Blender for concealer so I have to find another thing to do for this brush.
Then again these Large Concealer brushes aren’t that good with concealer. They leave it looking kind of streaky so instead I’ve been using them for spreading my foundation before buffing it in with my Beauty Blender.

Blending, Tapered Blending, Small Tapered Blending, Concealer

First of all, when you start using the Blending and Tapered Blending brushes (white ones) you definitely need to wash them a couple times. At first they felt really harsh on my eyes and I didn’t really want to use them but after a couple times of washing them they became a lot softer. I like to use the Blending brush on my lid and Tapered Blending on my crease.
The Small Tapered Blending is excellent for blending your eyeshadows together. It’s a bit like MAC 217, smaller and not as good but it does the job.
The Concealer brush is again a brush that is not as good in the job that it’s supposed to be good at but I like to use it for more dramatic eye looks. It’s really good when you need to pack eyeshadow on your eyelid making the look more dark and dramatic.

Flat Definer, Short Shader, Small Eyeliner, Lip

The Flat Definer makes an excellent eyebrow brush. Also I’ve been using it for lining my eyes with a darker eyeshadow. It’s really dense but it doesn’t pick up as much product as I’d like.
The Short Shader is a very soft but dense eye brush and you can really use it for anything as it’s really small and fits in the corner of your eye etc.
The Small Eyeliner brush is the only brush out of this set I don’t like. It doesn’t pick up any product whatsoever and as it’s so small you can’t really use it for anything else. Maybe I shall start using it for nail art instead.
I love how handy the Lip brush is as it comes with a case so you can just throw it in your bag with your lipstick and easily touch up throughout the day.

I bought this set from this Ebay seller but the set is actually supposed to come with a highlighter brush and I got two Large Concealer brushes instead… Even when I emailed the seller about it they didn’t understand half of my messages so I just gave up as the set was so cheap. So if you want to order these brushes go to Jessup’s official site and pick one of the OTHER sellers from there in case something goes wrong.

– Anu

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