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My Thoughts on Tweets about Zayn

First of all, I wasn’t sure whether to publish this post or not as in my head I thought that people are just going to think “She’s just another crazed fangirl who doesn’t know anything about life or real problems“. Well I can assure you, that’s not the case. And this is my blog so I can post almost anything I want, right?

I didn’t start writing this post to tell what I feel about Zayn leaving the band but the thing I did want to talk about are some of the tweets I’ve seen on Twitter since yesterday. Tweets that have been posted by other bloggers and most of all, adults. Tweets like “Wait until he has no money left“, “I’m so happy Zayn left, he wasn’t my favourite anyway“, “Directioners are being so over dramatic about this“, “Zayn left One Direction? Omg I knew it this is so funny“, “The fans should just get over it” etc. And these aren’t even the worst ones. I actually thought people were more mature than that.

I know that One Direction probably hasn’t affected you in any way but no one has the right to say to a fan that they can’t be sad about this. If you or someone close to you isn’t a “Directioner” you’ve no idea what really goes on in the fanbase and how the boys can affect someone’s life. Many people belong to the fanbase so they can find happiness and lean on to something when they’re going through a hard time in their lives. And by hard time I don’t mean getting through exams and things like that. I actually mean things like bullying, depression, problems with your parents and friends etc.

One Direction has actually saved lives and when someone changes the one thing that feels stable in your life, it isn’t an easy thing to cope with. I’ve been a fan of the boys since the beginning and even though the actual fangirl phase has calmed down a lot I still continue to support them like I did in the start. They’ve helped me through a lot of hard times in my life so I know how it feels when someone just laughs about it and tells you “it’s just a boyband”.

This basically sums up what I’m trying to say through this rant

I really just hope that before you say that anyone is overreacting about anything that is going on in their lives just think about that it may be a much bigger deal to them that it seems and you probably don’t know everything about it. Also, you really can’t judge anyone or their opinion about something unless you’re in the exact same situation as they are. 

I really hope you understand my point through this post and respect my opinion.

– Anu

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