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My iPhone 5 Case Collection

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a fabulous Tuesday!

Ever since I got an iPhone 5 I started to collect cases for it. I thought I’d do a short post and show them for you as I’m now selling most of them on my Depop account (just search mylifeasanu on the app) if anyone’s interested! 🙂

These are all made of rubber so they’re really soft. The first one with the UK flag is a bit floppy but still stays on well. The minion has to be my favourite!
• Black – H&M
• Pink – Glitter
• Minion – gift

These are all plastic and probably my most used ones! I love phone cases that have a quote on them and I actually have two more but my sister took them cause she loved them so much, haha.
All of these are either from Ebay or Amazon.

The first two are plastic and have a 3D decoration and the last one just goes around your phone without covering the back at all.
• Black with skull – Glitter
• Blue BFF case – can’t remember
• Green – local electronic store

Do you like to use cases or decorate your phone somehow?

– Anu

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