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To 2015

Hello everyone and Happy New Year 2015!

I know it’s already 5th of January (feels so weird to talk about January, just me?) and I apologise for not writing anything sooner but I’ve been very busy at the turn of the year.
Anyway, I hope all of you had an amazing time during the holidays and a great New Year’s Eve with whoever you got to spent it with! Personally I had a great time with my best friend. Our evening was very relaxed as we didn’t really do anything special, just ate some junk food and watched Teen Wolf. Normal sleepover. We did lit up some sparklers though as you can see from this post’s photo.

When she left on the 1st of January I made some New Year Resolutions. I’ve also made a little reader survey and I really hope you can take a little bit of your time and answer some of the questions in the link at the end of this post :).

My goals for 2015

  • Read more books
  • Make healthier choices
  • Try not to stress as much
  • Live in the moment
  • Attend a blogger event
  • Improve my photography 
  • Do more of what makes me happy
  • Get rid of things I don’t need
  • Be more organised 

I wanted to keep my resolutions pretty simple this year so I can actually achieve them

Now onto the reader survey which you can find here or at the end of this post. If you want to make your own just use the website called surveymonkey.com or search “create survey” (or anything similar) if you don’t want to use the same one I used.

Thank you for reading my blog so far! Let’s enjoy 2015 😉

– Anu

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