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The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014 | Days 17-20

I can’t believe these are almost the final days of The Body Shop Advent Calendar! Why does time have to go so fast?! Anyway, this time all the products were from different ranges. If you want to know what I got on days 1-16, you can check the TBS Advent Calendar label ;).

Day 17
Like I said in my last TBS Advent Calendar post, moringa might be my new favourite scent from TBS and now that I’ve the Moringa Body Milk (16,50€/£8/$12 for 250ml/8.4oz) I’m absolutely sure it is! Body milks are a bit lighter than body lotions.

Day 18
I already have one Bath Lily (3,80€/£2/$3) but I prefer them over sponges so now I don’t have to buy a spare one ;).

Day 19
I love the smell of Honey Lip Balm (8,30€/£4/$6 for 10ml/o.3oz) – and any products really that have honey in them – but because I’m a bit allergic to honey and lips are a very sensitive part of your face I think I’m going to give this to my sister.

Day 20
Last thing I got is the Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion (16,50€/£8/$12 for 250ml/8.4oz). Wild Argan Oil is one of my favourite ranges but I didn’t have the body lotion yet, only the body butter. I think it’s nice to have a lighter version of a moisturising product you like the scent of because the butters usually take a pretty long time to absorb.

Which TBS range is your favourite?

– Anu 

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