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The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014 | Days 9-12

Back again with The Body Shop Advent Calendar! This time most of the products were for skincare. You can read all the posts of the calendar here.

Day 9
On my name day (if you don’t know what that is you can read here) the Strawberry Hand Cream (6,50€/£3,50/$6 for 30ml/1oz) came out of the calendar. I’m not usually that big of a fan of the strawberry scents in TBS but I really like this one. Even though it smells like strawberries it smells a bit different than the products usually. It has a bit more sweet and christmassy scent to it in my opinion.

Day 10
Colour Rush Nail Polish in 120 Relish the Moment (8,80€/£5/$8 for 6.8ml/0.22oz)is the first nail polish I own from TBS. It’s a gorgeous red nail polish and perfect for Christmas. If you’re familiar with the Rimmel Nail Polish in Raw As Night and you compare these two together you can notice that TBS one is a bit more orangey when the Rimmel one is just red.

Day 11
I love the Glazed Apple range so you can guess how excited I was when I got the heart shaped Glazed Apple Soap (4,80€/£2,50/$5 for 100g/3.5oz). I just don’t know how I can get myself to use any of the three heart shaped soaps I’ve received so far because I think they’re too pretty to be used.

Day 12
Another Shimmer Lotion – the product I was so interested in – but this time a Glazed Apple (16,50€/£8/$12 for 250ml/8.4oz) one. I’ve now tried the lotion properly and I can still say it’s very shimmery in my opinion but it’s also extremely moisturising. It’s doesn’t look like you have used glue and glitter but more like you’ve put eyeshadow with some shimmer on your body. There’s two pictures attached below, the first one is flash off and second flash on.

Which one sounds the most interesting product to you?

– Anu 

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