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The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014 | Days 13-16

First of all, I’m going to apologise if my pictures are going to be bad quality in the next few weeks because my sister is going on a trip and she’s taking the camera I’ve been using with her, and now I’m just going to use my phone (unless I get a camera for Christmas or something).

These days of the calendar have probably been the best ones so far in my opinion because I love the Vitamin E range but I currently have only one product from it which is the hand & nail treatment. You can read all my posts of the calendar in the label TBS Advent Calendar.

Day 13
Vitamin E Moisturise Cream (20,80€/£11/$17 for 50ml/1.7oz) is, again, a product that I’ve been wanting to try out for quite a while now. It’s supposed to be an easily absorbed cream which is very light but still very moisturising. I really like the smell of this.

Day 14
Vitamin E Sink-in Moisturise Mask (22,10€/£13/$22 for 100ml/3.38oz). This mask is very hydrating like all the Vitamin E products and I think it’s very ideal for winter time. You can either tissue it off after ten minutes or blend it into your skin like a normal moisturiser.

Day 15
The Vitamin E Night Cream (25,20€/£12/$20 50ml/1.7oz) is basically like the Vitamin E Moisturise Cream but it’s thicker and you’re meant to put it on your face before bed. I actually prefer the smell of this because even though the scent is the same, it’s a bit lighter in this night cream.

Day 16
This is the first time I’ve even smelled one of the products from the Moringa range as I received the Moringa Shower Gel (8,50€/£4/$8 for 250ml/8.5oz). This shower gel is soap-free, contains moringa seed oil and has the scent of white flowers which I think is going to one of my favourite scents from TBS from now on!

Have you tried any of the Vitamin E or Moringa products?

– Anu 

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