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New Year’s Eve Nail Inspiration

New Year's/New Year's Eve nail polish art inspiration

Ever since I got myself some nail art tools – brushes and dotting tools – I’ve really been enjoying trying out different kinds of styles and patterns on my nails.
Nail art is still a very new thing to me so most of the time I’ve no idea where I should even start. That’s exactly how I felt again when I tried to decide how I should do my nails for New Year’s Eve. I then searched some inspiration from other blogs and thought it might be helpful for some of you too!
Here are some of my favourite manis:

Original post at agirlcalledeleanor.blogspot.co.uk
Original post at heydarlingpolish.blogspot.fi
Original post at SoNailicious.com
Original post at pshiiit.com
Original post at nail-stuff.tumblr.com
Original post at willpaintnailsforfood.com

How will you paint your nails for NYE?

– Anu

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