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Unboxing | Livbox November Edition

I’m super late with this post as you don’t even have to take a glance at your calendar in order to tell that we’re way more close to the start of December than November.
Anyway, somewhere around the first week of November I received my first box of Livbox which is basically like any other beauty box but in Finland. One box costs 15,90€.

That is basically what the box looks like when you receive it and open it. I love that it always has a different colour theme every month and the ribbon is so cute! The introduction’s headline says “Shine, like a Hollywood star!”. This time the theme was Stars of Hollywood/party season and I think that gold goes perfectly with it.
Now onto the actual products!

First impressions:

  1. Ibero false lashes (7,90€) – These lashes look amazing for everyday use because they’re super long but very thin. If you put some volumizing mascara on top they’d be great for a night out too!
  2. Bernard Cassiere Bilberry Overnight Cream-Mask 15ml sample (48€/50ml) – This can be used as a cream or a mask (as you probably noticed from the name) and it smells very fresh. I haven’t yet tried this cream/mask but I’m very excited to do so when I’m having my next pamper evening.
  3. Bangerhead BangerTweezer (8,80€) – These tweezers are the best ones I’ve ever had! When I saw them in the box I immediately (after taking the photos of course) opened the package and tried them. They’re very sharp and you can get a great grip of the hair you want to remove.
  4. Marvis Cinnamon Mint toothpaste 10ml sample (4,55€/25ml) – This toothpaste definitely smells like cinnamon and the description says “Marvis is a brave and modern version of the original toothpaste. It doesn’t contain any fluorine.“. I’m not sure why the fact that it doesn’t contain any fluorine is a good thing… I’m feeling a bit skeptical with this product but I’m still going to try it soon.
  5. Lumene Natural Code Candy Smile Gloss Stick in 1 Cotton Candy (9,90€) – The Candy Smile gloss stick is basically Lumene’s version of the Rimmel Colour Rush or the Revlon Colorburst (or any other product like that). I never know what to call these types of lip colours but I think that they are definitely more like lipsticks than lip glosses at least pigmentwise so I tend to call them lipstick pens or then just go with whatever the brand has chosen to name them. This Lumene one is a bubblegum/cotton candy pink and the “pen” is a bit smaller than Rimmel’s or Revlon’s. It has no scent to it whatsoever.

I do feel like this time the products didn’t match with the theme as well as in the previous boxes. Even though I’m really excited of the products I expected something a bit more dramatic because of the theme.

What’s your opinion on beauty boxes (or any other boxes that are out there)? Are you subscribed to any?

– Anu 

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