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NOTD | Autumnal Sparkle

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed your week so far 🙂

I’ve been really loving doing my nails lately because I love dark nail colours and now that it’s Autumn they’re more suitable to wear than in the Summer. I decided to show you the nails I did yesterday because I lovelovelove them!

I was feeling very autumnal and a bit festive so I chose the Depend 005 – which I also featured in my Reddish A/W Nail Polishes post – and the Lumene Natural Code in 56 Sparkle Burst as my nail polishes. The Depend polish is a gorgeous burgundy colour (it actually looks darker than in the pictures, sorry about that!) and the Lumene one is just a clear nail polish with lots of pink and puce coloured sparkly bits and glitter on it.
I used two coats of Depend 005 on every plain nail and one on the glittery one. Then I painted one nail of each hand with two coats of Lumene Sparkle Burst and on top I used the clear nail polish from Tiger.
You can see all the nail polish details in the pictures below 🙂

What nail polish are you wearing right now?

– Anu 

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