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Another Beauty Haul

I thought I’d show you some of the beauty things I bought last month and do small reviews on those I’ve already tried.
When feelunique.com had their birthday sale I thought I’d finally buy some of the things I can’t get from Finland.

Tangle Teezer the Original in Purple/Pink – This brush is all kinds of amazing! In the winter time my hair usually gets extremely charged but when I use this Tangle Teezer, it doesn’t. It takes so little time to sort out my tangles with it even though my hair is pretty thick.

Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in 51 – Everyone has been talking about this bronzer for so long and I really wanted to try it out. The only problem was I hate buying bronzers without seeing them live because if they’re a tad bit too red they don’t suit me at all. I still thought I’d give this a go and even though I haven’t tried it yet (it has the seal on), I can tell I’m going to love this bronzer!
It’s definitely just a gorgeous brown bronzer with a slight yellow undertone on it. I love the chocolate bar look but I don’t think it smells that much chocolate like some people say but that might be because I’ve a bit of a cold right now, haha.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 – When I asked on twitter what dark lipstick would be good for someone who hasn’t worn them before, this was the one almost everyone told me to get. When I wore it for the first time I absolutely fell in love with it! The colour is so gorgeous I can’t even tell you and the lipstick smells like berries in my opinion. It lasts on the lips the whole day and even though it’s matte it doesn’t dry out my lips (note that I always moisturise really well before applying matte lipsticks). See the swatch below 🙂

Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in 107 perfect A/W shade

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer – At the beginning of October I was in Turku which is one of the two cities in Finland that actually have a MAC counter in one of the department stores. I had been looking for a concealer that I could wear without foundation so it would have to be full coverage and right shade for my skin.
I remembered that the MAC Pro Longwear has been very popular and that MAC has many shade choices. I went to the MAC counter and waited for the professional to help me. When she did she showed me the shade NC15 which looked great in the package. She put it a bit around my nose and it looked like the perfect shade for me. I was really happy, bought it and went home.
Then the next day when I tried it at home I noticed how light the shade was for me! I tried it again around my nose where it looked okay, but everywhere else I tried it, it was way too light. And when it dries out, it gets even lighter and even becomes a bit red which I think is slightly odd since NC15 is supposed to fit for people with yellow undertones. Also it’s very drying for me if I use it under my eyes.
Otherwise I really liked the concealer since it definitely was full coverage but because the shade choice was so light, I can’t use it. The lightness even shows through my foundation. Below you can see how MAC Pro Longwear looks in a pot and the comparison between Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 010 Ivory (read my review here) – which is the perfect match for me – and MAC Pro Longwear NC15.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15 yellow undertones

Rimmel Wake Me Up in 010 Ivory – MAC Pro Longwear in NC15

Sorry about the not so little rant on the MAC concealer, hope it wasn’t too boring for you.

Have you tried any of these products?

– Anu 

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