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#TeenBlogSeries week 9 | Fashion Icon: Blake Lively

Week 9, the last week of the #TeenBlogSeries. It’s been so much fun to write these posts! Can’t wait for the next series like this. Thank you so much for Beth and Anouska for creating this! I’m going to leave this very short or otherwise I’d have to write this post in two parts, haha. I hope you enjoy my last #TeenBlogSeries post. Read the previous ones here :).

I remember being 9 years old and wondering who on earth could dress so well in a TV series. At that age I wasn’t into series like Gossip Girl but my sister Renata loved that show. Of course Serena van der Woodsen is just a character. Her outfits are picked up or made by the costume department of the series and her makeup is done by makeup artists.
But when I turned 12 and little by little started to watch Gossip Girl I wanted to know how the actresses really dressed up in real life. That’s when I fell in love with Blake Lively‘s style.

Her red carpet outfits are ALWAYS on point and she can pull of many styles. I’ve never seen her wearing anything I didn’t like! Of course I haven’t seen every single outfit but I pretty much can say that I’ve loved all of the dresses I’ve seen.
She can also dress very well on her spare time and that of course is why she is one of the most influential style icons right now.
Her summer style is very fun and chic…

…and so are her winter outfits. 

You can easily copy almost any of her styles because most of her outfits are very fashionable but down-to-earth at the same time.

And let’s not forget her makeup and hair! You can always see her wearing very natural makeup with a bright lip or a subtle smokey eye on the red carpet. She never goes overboard and keeps up with the classic trends. Her hair is always styled very naturally too. Down and wavy, maybe a couple small braids or hair accessories. Simple but big ponytails, gorgeous buns and one of my favourites: the fishtail braid up in a ponytail.

Overall I think if you need inspiration in any occasion really you can just search up “Blake Lively style” from Google and just start going through your wardrobe for similar clothes and you’ll have a great outfit for your event or everyday life!

Who’s your fashion icon? What do you think of Blake Lively’s style?

– Anu 

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*image sources: red carpet, summer, winter*