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#ILoveMe2014 Haul

a picture of the bags I bought from the I love me event

Last week I told you about the I Love Me event I went to with my friend Janita (you can read the post I wrote here) and today I put together a post on what I bought from the little – or not so little – fair.
First let’s dive into the cailap bag!

a book by mariela sarkima called makeup bible

I actually had no idea what cailap was so I searched it online and found out it’s Mariela Sarkima’s makeup equipment range. Mariela Sarkima is the author of the Makeup Bible above I bought from the I Love Me event for 20€. I had been wanting this book for a long time but it’s usually a bit more expensive and now I got it with a discount.
It’s basically a book about all things makeup. It’s excellent for beginners and professionals in my opinion. Unfortunately right now you can only get it in Finnish but I’m sure there are some alternatives for the book in this whole wide world :).

At the fair, there were some amazing offers. For example this shaving gel and after shave by rfsu for only 5€! If you want to buy these from the store, only the gel costs 7€. Such a bargain! I’ve only tried the after shave but I can say that it works quite well and smells really nice.

At the dermalogica counter there were professionals who examined your face, made a face map for you and suggested products. Now that the weather has gotten colder, my skin has been in a really bad condition (again…) and she told me about the precleanse and overnight clearing gel. I’ve been using both of them since and I’m really happy with the results. And when they both cost around 50€, I think I should be!
The precleanse is basically an oil which you can use to remove your makeup etc, then you use your usual cleansing product and use the overnight clearing gel only where your skin has any spots.
When you bought two or more products you got a little goodie bag with four small sized products which are daily microfoliant, skinperfect primer, total eye care and a sample of the skin hydrating booster.

Next up is this little black box which I think is the best purchase of mine from the event. Livbox is like any other beauty box but just for Finnish people as the beauty boxes from the UK and US aren’t available here. Again there was an offer, you’d get three beauty boxes for the price of two + a goodie box from the event. So basically, that’s four boxes for the price of two! Great deal yet again.

“Thank you for ordering Livbox!”

These are all the products that were inside the box. From left to right: Eucerin Aquaphor cream, Rimmel Apocalips in 303 Apocaliptic lip lacquer, Bic Soleil Bella razor, idhair Elements Gold Fix It hairspray, Dermosil Summer Glow nail polish, Dr. Bonner Magic lotion and soap.

Rimmel Apocalips in 303 Apocaliptic lip lacquer
Rimmel Apocalips in 303 Apocaliptic lip lacquer

Also I got this bracelet when I entered a competition. It wasn’t the actual price of the competition but some people were lucky enough to get something small right away by just entering.

That would be all the things I bought from the I Love Me event!
The last couple of days have been very long and I’m a bit tired when I’m writing this so I’m really sorry if there’s any miss-spellings and if I rambled a bit, haha. Hope you still enjoyed it!

Lots of love

– Anu 

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