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The Ultimate Concert Experience

Over a week ago on Saturday (23th of August) me and my best friend Sonja went to see a Finnish rapper called Cheek at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium with her aunt and cousin. He is the most famous rapper in Finland and Sonja got us tickets for my birthday present!
Cheek also had a gig on Friday and both of the shows were sold out! Overall 40 000 people packed into the stadium on both days just to see him perform for the last time before his well deserved break from music.
The stage show was absolutely incredible! I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. Cheek (his real name is Jare Henrik Tiihonen) had over 20 special guests – I think everyone who has ever featured a song with him took part in the show.
The photos aren’t super good quality since we sat pretty far away from the stage and I really didn’t want to concentrate on taking photos because I wanted to just enjoy the show :).
Here are some of the best ones I and Sonja got though.

So many people!!!

This is the show’s programme


Enter – JVG (a Finnish two man band)

Parties and Friendships

Music, gigs, parties, girls, friends, memories.

Light and Shadows

Infatuation, falling in love, disappointment, cynicism, regret, hope.

Passion and Attitude

Megalomania, breaking, competitive, getting crazy, honesty, self-confidence, genuineness. 



Hopefully you enjoy tonight’s selection.

*Cheek’s autograph*

Chef – Jare Henrik Tiihonen

 For the last 20 minutes or so it started to rain pretty badly so that’s why the programme is a bit wrinkled and I don’t have a good photo of me or my clothes but here’s a photo of my outfit anyways. As you can see from my jeans we got pretty wet and I’ve had a cold over a week because of that.

What I Wore
Black Top – Cubus
Pink Jumper – Zara (better photo here)
Black Jeans – Dr Denim (old, ripped the knees myself)
Black Canvas Shoes – H&M
Coat – Nümph (old)
Bag – New Yorker (better photo here)

Have you been in any exciting events lately?

– Anu 

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