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Giveaway Mania

This post is a bit different and maybe you can find it a tad weird BUT it was something that I really wanted to write about.

There has been so many incredible giveaways recently in the blogs that I follow and love. MAC cosmetics, Ray Bans, makeup brushes, anything beauty and fashion related you can imagine really! 

The reason I haven’t had one myself yet is because the one special thing – which is reaching 100 followers – hasn’t happened and that’s when you host a giveaway – when there’s something you want to celebrate with your readers. Hopefully that can happen soon though – only under 30 to go – because I’m really excited to host my first giveaway!

But now I’m going to share some of the great giveaways that are hosted by blogs I follow. I thought it would be just fair to tell you rather than keep all the information myself – haha. 

I’m sure that none of you will do that but if you happen to be just a random person and have seen this blog post please don’t follow the blogs that I’m about to tell you JUST because of the giveaways. First make sure you actually like the blog’s content and then enter the giveaway to show more of your support! I’m sure that’ll make all of us happier :).

Now you can have some fun surfing through all these links!


UK only

Phew! A whole lot of links indeed!
I hope you all found some new favourite blogs from this post, enjoy reading them! And fingers crossed to everyone who joined some of the amazing giveaways :).

– Anu 

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