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The Liebster Award | part 2

Hello lovelies!

I already did a blog post on my Liebster Award nomination back in July (check it here) but now the lovely Helena (http://uniqueniceoriginal.blogspot.com) has nominated me again so I thought it’d answer her questions! A huge thank you to you Helena :).

Helena’s questions

  1. What is the most embarrising thing you have ever done?

When I was in 8th grade, I think, and we were going to have some lunch with my friends and I had a gum in my mouth. I then went over this huge bin they have in the cafeteria and spit it out but the gum got stuck in my hair! I know that’s not really THAT embarrassing but that’s the only thing I could think of haha. 

  2. You prefer sunrise or sunsets?

I’d say sunsets because I think they are extremely beautiful but I also like how sunrises make everything feel new since they start the day.

  3. What are you afraid of?

Spiders. And dark. I’d love to say something cool like “oblivion” (see what I did there 😉 okay let’s move on…) but I get absolutely terrified if I’m walking home alone and I come to a part where there’s no street lamps *shivers*. Or if there’s a spider in my room I go and get some paper so I can get rid of it and then can’t find it anymore, I freak out and probably can’t sleep that night. 

  4. What is your favourite song?

I have so many but at the moment it’s probably Shower by Becky G or Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan.

  5. If you could have any animal what would it be?

A dolphin, I’d love to swim with it!

  6. Are you hungry?

Yes, always, haha.

  7. What word could describe your life?

Unpredictable, good and bad.

  8. What is your favourite part of your clothes?

As in my favourite type of clothing? I’d say dresses and big jumpers.

  9. How tall are you?

173,3 cm. 5ft 8in.

  10. What is your favourite country and why? 

Scotland. I just love everything there! It’s quite similar to Finland so I kind of feel like I’m at home but at the same time it’s so different with the old castles and such. Plus people are usually extremely nice and everyone speaks English so that’s a plus.

  11. If you could go back to any moment from your past what would it be?

Probably one of those moments when I was about 6 and me and my mom would be watching Frasier late at night. I’d be lying on the couch with my feet on her lap and she’d massage them while we both enjoyed Kelsey Grammer’s great acting.

Hope you enjoyed reading my answers once again!
Have a great weekend!

– Anu