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Review | White Nailpolish

Like I already told you in my June Favourites I had been really loving white nail polish and obviously still am! When I saw Kylie Jenner’s nails in her Instagram picture I really wanted to try them out and after three times of redoing them with the white Depend nail polish it didn’t seem to work out at all! I then decided to change the nail polish I used and noticed how much easier it was. Here are my reviews of the nail polishes.

The Depend nail polish in colour 031 has been really good when I’ve normally painted my nails white without any pattern but now it just didn’t seem work out. The nail polish smudged very easily and every time I waited for one layer to dry it started to have bubbles in it. I don’t know if the nail polish is getting old or if it’s just too thick in general when creating a pattern to your nail. It costs 3,90€.

The other nail polish I used is colour 58 from Tiger and it was just 1€ when I bought it a couple of months ago. I thought I’d finally try it out now that my reliable Depend nail polish betrayed me. The consistency is really thin but you can get good coverage with two layers and creating the pattern without anything else than just the brush from the nail polish was very easy.

The Tiger nail polish lasted me for seven days which I think is a very long time for a cheap nail polish but after about three it started to crack from different places. I still think it was a great bargain to be found and I’m already considering of buying a few other shades from Tiger.

Have you found any awesome bargains recently? Let me know in the comments below!

– Anu