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A Day On The Road + Special Surprise!

After spending the whole week helping my sister Anetta to recover from the jet lag she had because of her long flight from the US to Finland, me and my family – excluding my oldest sister – hopped on a car and headed towards the South coast of Finland.
We drove along the small countryside roads without any specific destination. It was great to spend some quality time away from the familiar streets of our hometown.

Seeing all the meadows, cows and farms pass by wasn’t the plan of our trip though, so we followed the signs and ended up in a beautiful park with a little cafeteria – which was sadly closed – and some gorgeous old buildings!

We also found out that the park had the smallest stone church in Finland. It looked so lovely and chaste all alone up in the hill surrounded by trees and cliffs.

Being a still young and childlike pair of sisters, me and Anetta just had to try and climb on different things – me not succeeding so well as there weren’t enough branches in the tree. Anetta – also called Ansku – wanted to climb on her own town sign instead!

For the lovely day out with my family I decided to wear something very casual and comfortable. See all the details below.

Top – Cubus
Shorts – H&M
Cardigan – Miss Selfridge
Belt – made by my granny
Shoes – Converse
Sunglasses – BikBok
Necklace – gift
Bracelets – Accessorize
Lipstick РYSL Rouge Volupt̩ in colour 13 Peach Passion

And now onto the surprise!
You can get an exclusive 10% discount on any non-sale product from www.bornprettystore.com by using the code ANUT10 ! They have so many different kinds of fashion things from awesome nail art to cute hair decorations. Be sure to check their link!

Have a great week!
– Anu â™¡