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My Sweet 16

The Actual Day
A couple of weeks ago at the end of June I joined the magical age, 16.
On my birthday my mom and sister took me to Turku to spend my day at the Medieval Market which is Finland’s largest medieval and historical event held every year at the Old Great Square. The idea of the market is that vendors all over Finland – and some abroad – come to sell all kinds of handicrafts at the stalls.
From the various collection of different jewellery, art, ornaments, medieval weapons like bows and arrows, daggers and swords, clothing and delicacies it was hard to choose which pieces you wanted. I decided to go for a beautiful Celtic necklace, two wooden spoons with a funny face and a caramel apple, yum!
We also visited Turku Castle since they had a special Middle Ages Day going on. They had a couple exclusive places open inside the castle where you could only go that day and an archery show which was super exciting!

A picture of medieval jewellery, boxes, diamonds, skulls.

       A picture of medieval bags/pursesA picture of actors at a medieval market. Medieval people

A picture of me and my sister

A picture of a celtic necklace called burning love
Celtic Necklace called Burning Love
A picture of me. The author of My life as Anu
Jacket – Forever 21

The Celebrations
As we weren’t home on my birthday we had a little get-together last week with the rest of my family and godparent’s. We had a great time eating all the delicious treats my mom had made and listening my godfather’s stories about everything and anything really.

A picture of my birthday food
Red peppers with minced meat and cream cheese,
Boiled eggs with shrimp paste and chive

A picture of my birthday food
Watermelon and salad with tomato, feta cheese and lingonberry,
also here you can see the wooden spoons I purchased at the Medieval Market 🙂

A picture of my strawberry birthday cake

I wore a super cute heart printed black and white skater dress that has a heart shaped cut-out on the back for my party with my Vagabond wedges and a big high bun. All the details below.

Me and my sweet 16 dress. Black and white dress. Dress with hearts

A dress with a heart cutout on the back. Black and white dress. dress with a belt

white wedge shoesa picture of a pearl bracelet. pearl earrings. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Colour rush in 500 the redder the better

Dress – The Fashion Bible

Shoes – Vagabond

Bracelet – a gift

Earrings – Glitter

Lipstick – the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Colour Rush in 500 the Redder the Better

I hope you enjoyed this picture-filled post!

– Anu