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Huge Jewellery Haul

different kinds of necklaces jewellery jewelry

I absolutely adore accessories! You can make a black dress from casual to dressy by changing your scarf to a statement necklace or your earrings from studs to big hanging ones.
Last week as I was in Tampere I went a bit jewelry crazy as there were sales everywhere!!

The first place I went to was Accessorize. They had three spots on the wall where everything was either -70% or -50% and I got super excited!

multicoloured braceletsmulticoloured bracelets
I was first looking for rings but as nothing in particular caught my eye I went for bracelets and saw this gorgeous colourful set of 12! I think it’s great how many different colours and styles the set has since you can mix them with other bracelets and don’t always have to use the same ones. The set was -50& and cost me 9,95€.

golden bracelet with bobbles

This golden “Bobble Stretch Bracelet” is something I’ve already featured in my previous post here. It doesn’t look that special on it’s own but when you pair it up with other bracelets it looks great on your wrist. I also love the fact that it’s stretchy because it’s so easy to put on but you still don’t have to worry about it falling off. It was -70% and cost me 4,17€

gold and white statement necklace
This golden necklace was also featured in my previous post. I used to buy a lot of silver jewelry but now I’ve gone a bit gold crazy and when I saw this statement necklace I knew I had to get it! I don’t own many huge statement necklaces since I’m not so sure if I can pull them off but this isn’t too big. I also love the Egyptian kind of look in it. For a necklace this big it was also really cheap as it was -70% and cost me 5,97€

The second place I popped into was Glitter and when I saw the huge -75% sale wall on the left corner of the shop and it took me everything not to run there!

gold ring with rectangle
I finally found the rings I was looking for! Yay!

I really like this golden one since it’s very simple one with a rectangle. Plus it was such a bargain! Only 0,98€! I couldn’t just leave it there!

silver rings with snake pattern

These silver rings are also simple with their awesome snake-like pattern. I have many rings with gems on them but I thought that the pattern was a nice different add to them. The set was 2,23€.

long leaf necklace silver

a picture of a long golden necklaceI’ve been looking for long necklaces so long and finally found two! The golden one is just simply gorgeous and cost me 3,73€.
The silver necklace was the only thing I bought from Glitter that wasn’t on sale but it wasn’t that expensive at 6,90€ and as I finally found something that I’ve been looking for and really like I thought I’d just go for it. I love the chain because it’s so long and thin and it makes the lovely leaf look even bigger!

When we went to H&M I was actually looking for some trousers and shirt but they didn’t have them in my size and then I noticed they had accessories and makeup on sale so I thought I’d have a quick look.

different rings

I found some simple rings, again!
I’m  not so sure what the first one is supposed to be but I like it and it’s kind of similar to the rectangle one from Glitter. Next one is a golden ring with a small peace sign (which accidentally is upside-down in the photo, whoops!). The silver one doesn’t connect at all and is so cute with the two hearts! The set of 3 was 3€.
When I saw this golden ring on the right I instantly fell in love with the knit-like pattern! I’ve never seen a ring like that before so I decided to take it. It was also 3€.

I was super happy when I decided to check the necklace side of the shelf also since I’ve been looking for a necklace like this from December but they’ve always been out of stock of very expensive! Now that I found it I had to buy it. I also got it for free (it would’ve been 3€) since they had 3 for the price of 2 on the sale products!

We were already on our way home from Tampere but decided to stop at a supermarket to get some food but I then spotted these beauties! It was a total bargain of the day since I got two necklaces for just 1,5€!

I hope you enjoyed this long first haul of mine!
– Anu