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Clothing Haul

I’ve gone a bit overboard when it comes to shopping recently as this is my second haul post this week. I’ll just blame the sales… Joking! Everything I’ve bought has actually been things I’ve wanted/needed for long time and luckily found them from the summer sales or then just at this time in general. Everything in this haul is from VilaH&M or Zara. Enjoy!

I bought these shorts from Vila and they are by the brand Pieces as seen above. They are normal waist and SUPER comfortable! They are actually darker than in the picture but my lighting was really bad so I had to brighten it up. Only downside in these is the sizing. I usually wear size 36 or 27/28 in inches but I had to buy these shorts in size L/XL. The smallest size looks like it’s made for kids age of 10. Anyways I’m really glad I finally found jean shorts so soft and casual. They were 13,95€.

This grey shirt is from H&M. It’s a bit baggy and the sleeves come almost down to your elbow. The hem is round and it’s a bit longer than a normal t-shirt. If you’re looking for something that is slightly baggy but not too big I would totally recommend this shirt since that’s exactly what I wanted. It was 7,95€

The first thing I noticed in Zara was this cute t-shirt with lace on the top which is also baggy. They had it in navy, light – kind of dirty – brown and this stripy one I got. The lace makes such a huge difference in an otherwise normal shirt and I think I actually have a crush on this shirt (is that possible? Hah). It was on sale for 9,95€.

Next are these gorgeous knit tops I liked so much I had to get it in two colours. The top one is kind of a nude peachy one and then I got the black one. They also had it in white but it didn’t suit me that well so I just went for these two. They are so light and look very flattering on. I think they will look great with a colourful bag or shoes since it has so many different colours in the details at the top. These were both 15,95€ from the sale.

Last but not least is this thin bright pink jumper. It’s oversized with a v-neck and a longer back. When I tried it on in the shop in looked great and I also realised I have nothing pink in my wardrobe – gasps – so there’s another reason to buy it! The jumper was also on sale for 15,95€

And that’s all I’ve bought. Have you been as affected by the sales as I? If so, tell me in the comments below some of the things you’ve bought or feel free to leave a link to your blogpost if you’ve done one!

– Anu