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A New Chapter

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Everyone needs a change in their lives from time to time. Some a few small ones, some a bigger one. For me that would mean starting the blog I’ve dreamed of for a while.

First a bit about me – I’m Anu, a 16 year old girl from Finland and I’ve just finished comprehensive school. Fashion and beauty have always been a big part of my life. Having older sisters means that even before I was in school there were multiple teenage fashion magazines open on the table, a makeup bag on the bathroom counter and me sitting in front of a mirror with my oldest sister doing my hair.

As I’ve always loved writing and everything related to beauty and fashion, about a year ago I thought “Hey, why not write about the things I love so others can enjoy it too?” and now, finally, here I am writing my first blog post. Me being a shopaholic will bring you the pleasure of following the latest trends and styles from my point of view with everything else I enjoy in life in general.

Hopefully you like it!

A picture of a blog's called My life as Anu author
Dress – H&M
Long cardigan without sleeves – Gina Tricot