5 Skincare Products I Keep Repurchasing

Skincare products
When I first started getting into beauty all my wishlists were full of makeup and that's also what I would spend my money on. Then I started to read more and more beauty blogs and I learned how important it is to take good care of your skin if you want your makeup to look as good as possible and make it last longer. Even though I still absolutely love makeup and my love for it has grown over the years, I've also started to become even more interested in skincare and how it all works! There's so many products I have yet to try but want to and products I use all the time - like these five...

The Autumn Blush Edit

Blush is probably my favourite makeup product to use in Autumn. It can make the skin look a lot more alive especially if you have light skin. Dryness can also make the skin look a bit dull and since I have both light and dry skin I feel as though blush is essential to bring back some colour to my face. The four shades in this post are my favourite autumnal shades from my collection!

November To Do List

1. Fill my room with all the candles, they're definitely essential in A/W and hopefully I'll finally have the time to make my own scented ones as well!

2. Read every night before bed. I want to read 4 books this Autumn and I was doing just fine but then I had a few busy weekends in October which made me stop reading completely for a few weeks. Now I'm back to my routine and hopefully will have the time to finish all four books!