3 Affordable Eyebrow Products You Need To Try

Every time I start doing my makeup - no matter if I have 5 minutes to do it or an hour - I always make sure to have time to do my brows. Brows frame your face and great brows can pull a whole look together. I've tried quite a few brow products in the past five years and today I'm going to share three affordable ones I really love. I definitely think you should give them a try as well!
Three affordable eyebrow products | eyebrow products

October To Do List

Autumn Starbucks | Autumnal cup
1. Order these high waisted jeans from New Look. I've been searching for a pair of high waisted jeans for a long time and these look perfect!

2. Try to tweet more. For some reason I've been so inactive on Twitter and my profile is only filled with scheduled tweets, but this month I'm gonna try and change that.